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Frequently Asked Questions


To save you time we've identified the questions that are most frequently asked,
can't find answer to your question please contact us

Q: Do you add any other fees to shipping?

We don't have hidden cost or add extras to shipping fees except for certain items because of there nature (being flammable)such as:

  • Nail Polish

  • Nail Polish Removers

  • Hair Spray

  • Hair Growth Products (Rogaine - both spray and liquid)

  • Deodorant Spray

  • Tanning Spray

 This servuce cost US$10 added to shipping cost.

Q: How can I know my order Status or track my order?

When you place an order with you may track status and re print your order by using order id and the email address used when ordering to "view order status".

Order Status is found top right corner of pages

After making an order please make sure that you have received our email confirming that you placed an order.


If you have not received an e-mail from us, this may be that you have entered a wrong e-mail address or our e-mail went to your spam folder. Please check your spam or junk mail folder and add our e-mail (, to your address book, if not found in spam folder please contact us to correct e-mail

Q: How do I order?
  1. Open two tabs in your browser, first shop now on Nilebay and second product page of site you want to buy from.

  2. Copy product link and name and paste them in shop now page in "product link window" and "product name window" .

  3. Select product category and write any comments you want like size, color ...

  4. Click "Add to Cart" [If you want to buy another product repeat steps (1 to 4)]

  5. Review cart content and click  at bottom of cart

  6. Enter your billing details, check that you agree with our terms and conditions and select "send me offer"and click 

  7. Ckick   again.

  8. You will reach "thank you" page and we shall contact you within 48 hours with estimated product cost.

  9. If accepted we shall collect 50% in advance of estimated cost and balance which may be +/- 5% than estimated cost on delivery of your order.

Q: How long would it take to deliver order?
  1. Domestic Shipping: Delivery of your order from seller ( online store) to our offices in country of seller. Usually 4 - 5 days.

  2. International Shipping: From our office in country of online store to Egypt which usually takes 7 to 10 days to reach Egyptian customs, where it undergoes inspection by customs and other approval authorities and cleared. Usually it takes 2-3 days, unless inspection authorities takes longer time such as make and cosmetics it takes up to two weeks.

  3. Local Shipping: From our office to your doorstep unless you prefer to pick it up from our office. usually 3 days from custom clearance.

Delivery time of order in average will take from 16 to 21 days to be delivered, except  for few items which inspection takes up to two weeks( eg. cosmetics, supplements).

  read read about shipping

Q: I am not sure about my size?

You should read carefully sellers size chart, if not sure you may get help online by checking size conversion between different countries example you know your size according to Europe size but not USA

This site will help you  Clothing Size Online Conversion

* Nilebay will get you the size you order and not responsible if it was wrong. 

Q: Is it safe to use my credit card for an online purchase?
A: "Rest assured that shopping at Nilebay is safe.
 If you choose to pay through "paypal" for sure you know that it is very safe and you are one of the 71 million "paypal" member using it to pay for their purchases over the net.
 If you choose to pay by "credit card" you will get connected to 2CheckOut's (SSL) area, you can be one of millions of customers who have safely shopped over the Internet without experiencing any credit card fraud. 2CheckOut's secure server software (SSL) is the industry standard and the best software available today for secure commerce transactions. It encrypts all of your personal information including credit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet. This makes online buying more secure than purchasing by telephone.

Q: What is the shipping cost?
A: We don't make any profits on shipping and you pay the exact cost of shipping from supplier till it reach your doorstep.

Detailed information about shipping is found here.

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